ENG104 Mechanics of Materials

Course syllabus

UPDATED Fall 2018 Lecture Plan:

Wed 26Sep: Intro, Statics Review

Mon 01Oct: Statics Review, Stress
Wed 03Oct: Strain, Mechanical Properties of Materials

Mon 08Oct: Mechanical Properties of Materials, Axial Loading
Wed 10Oct: Axial Loading, Review

Mon 15Oct: Mid Term #1
Wed 17Oct: Mid Term review, Torsion

Mon 22Oct: Torsion, Bending
Wed 24Oct: Bending

Mon 29Oct: Bending, Shear
Wed 31Oct: Shear, Deflection of Beams

Mon 05Nov: Deflection of Beams, Review
Wed 07Nov: Mid Term #2

Mon 12Nov: ------- no class, Veteran's Day Holiday
Wed 14Nov: Review Mid Term, Deflection of Beams, (CANCELLED)

Mon 19Nov: Statically Indeterminate Structures, (CANCELLED)
Wed 21Nov: Statically Indeterminate Structures, (CANCELLED)

Mon 26Nov: NEW: Deflection of Beams, Statically Indeterminate Structures,
Wed 28Nov: NEW: Statically Indeterminate Structures, Stress and Strain Transformation

Mon 03Dec: NEW: Buckling
Wed 05Dec: Review


Extra Credit Term Project:

Develop a program that will calculate (bending) principal moments of inertia of a complex cross section for two axes. Complex cross section can be made up of rectangular and circular shapes. There can be up to 100 different shapes that define complex cross section. Cross section can also feature holes (same shapes as above).

Input for the program will comprise dimensions for each shape and a location of local centroid (if needed).

Test your program by analyzing 15 shapes given HERE.

In addition to finding principal moments of inertia, add a feature that will calculate extreme values of normal stress, for a case of applied moment of $M=10kNm$ bending around horizontal axes.

Submission of extra credit assignment is by email only, to me (jeremic@ucdavis.edu). Your submission should be comprised of source code for the program (with significant comments, explaining sections, functions, subroutines, etc.), short (few pages at most) description of logic behind your programing, and solutions to 15 problems, given above.

Deflection and slope functions for beams are available here.

Useful formulae for stress and strain, appendix A, pages 2395-2404 in my Lecture Notes.

Boris Jeremic
November 2018