Plastic Domain Decomposition Parallel Program

The Plastic Domain Decomposition (PDD) method implements parallel computational methodology designed for efficient and scalable computations with inelastic (elastic-plastic) finite elements on distributed memory parallel computers.

It is implemented using (UCD) modified part of OpenSees framework, ParMETIS graph library, PETSc numerical library, and other libraries from the UCDavis CompGeoMech toolset. This program is under active development, and we make this stable beta version available for trial, use and comments by the research community.

This work was supported in part by a number of Agencies listed below:
Civil and Mechanical System program, Directorate of Engineering of the National Science Foundation, under Award NSF--CMS--0324661 (cognizant program director Dr. Steve McCabe) and under Award NSF-CMS-0337811 (cognizant program director Dr. Richarad Fragaszy);
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center through Earthquake Engineering Research Centers Program of the National Science Foundation under Award Number NSF--EEC--9701568 (cognizant program director Dr. Joy Pauschke);
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) under Award # 59A0433, (cognizant program director Dr. Saad El-Azazy).

Guanzhou Jie ( G J i e @ U C D a v i s . E D U )
Boris Jeremić ( J e r e m i c @ U C D a v i s . E D U )

September 2006